Algerian Mouskotchou Cake

What is Mouskoutchou? Also called Mouskoutchou. Mouskoutchou is the most popular cake in Algeria. If you ask anyone, they immediately know about what you are talking about. This cake is a between a Sponge Cake and and Génoise Cake, and is usually the first sweet treat you learn how to make in Algeria. Very simple to…

Quatre-Quarts aux Pruneaux, Prunes Pound Cake

  The Quatre-Quart is a kind of Pound Cake from Brittany, West of France. The meaning of Quatre-Quarts means four quarter (eggs, butter, flour and sugar). In this recipe you start by weighing the eggs first when you obtain the weigh eggs, you use the same weight for the butter, the flour, and the sugar….