Algerian Tcharek Msaker, Algerian Gazelle Horns

Yesterday was the first day of Eid celebrations for muslims around the world, marking the end of the month of Ramadan. During Eid, we prepare some sweets that we share with our families, friends and neighbors. We also buy new clothes for children and give them money, whilst women put henna on their hands. This year,…

Algerian L’ham Lahlou

L’ham Lahlou is a sweet dish from Algeria. Usually in Algerian cuisine we don’t cook sweet meat. However in this dish, the lamb is cooked in a syrup enriched by cinnamon and orange blossom water and complemented by fruits like dried prunes, dried apricots, apples and pears. In Algerian culture, this dish is served on…

Algerian Mhencha

M’hencha are a North African pastry made with a dough called Diouls sheets or Brick sheets, and filled with almond paste. These sheets (diouls/brick) are on sale every where in Algeria (and also in other North African countries), as they are used for savory recipes, and many sweet desserts. This pastry originates from the Ottoman Empire….


 Petite Panière wishes you a Happy New Year! To new and more recipes, as well as Thank you to all those who have supported me in 2014

Crostata della Nona di Giulia

Today is a very special Fiesta Friday for me. I have completed my first year of blogging (I cannot believe it), one year of sharing recipes with you, connect with people from different countries. I have discovered a fascinating world of cooking with a true passion. I don’t know how many recipes I bookmarked already, and…

Almond Cigars

Hey, hey! 4th Fiesta Friday. Angie is a wonderful hostess, I’m delighted to go with my Petite Paniere full of surprises. Today, something sweet and full of flavor to share with you.  Almond Cigars  made with a dough called Diouls sheets or Brick sheets. It’s made with fine semolina a pinch of salt and spread…

Happy New Year, Bonne Année

Serves All Ingredients: Water Colors Brush And a mixture of happiness, peace, fate, hope, excitement, and joy. Procedure: Mix them all together and have a Happy New Year to all my followers and fellow bloggers. Serves well all year round. Bonne dégustation!